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About Starwest Botanicals

When a small tea shop in Sacramento, CA opened in 1975, its owners did not think that their business will blood into a nation-wide company that delivers high grade teas and herbals blends to households all over America. Vitamin infused drinks and amazing remedies are great health products that allow people to feel much better in general.

This company is a perfect example of a steady growth and constant improvement. The brand grew from a very small outlet that managed to expand rapidly within 20 years. In 1983, this company was named one of the fastest growing brands in the whole country. Today, this is still a well-functioning business with a lot of great opportunities opened in front of them.

Starwest Botanicals Products

This brand is all about delivering outstanding teas and essential micronutrients directly to your table. With their firm focus on using only organically grown sustainable ingredients, this company has one of the most interesting collections of real natural teas. You will be more than happy to discover this brand with a catalogue of teas that will improve you both physically and spiritually. There are several product categories manufactured by this company:

  • All-natural organic teas.
  • Essential oils and pills.
  • Herbal remedies and extracts.
  • Solutions for body care.
  • Various vendor products.
  • Organic spices and flavorings.

What Starwest Botanicals Products Can You Buy?

Every single product from this brand can be purchased from our website where we gathered one of the most extensive collections of health products in the whole internet. You will be more than happy to receive outstanding high quality products. Allow us to focus your attention on a couple of products that are exclusively produced by this brand:

  • Satori™ Vocal Rescue is an elegant solution to a very common problem. Many people experience that disgusting feeling of dry throat and itchiness. This is mostly due to bad ecology. Satori Vocal rescue helps to mitigate these negative effects and bring back your angelic voice.
  • Mocha Surprise is a blend of spices and herbs that tastes like mocha but does not have any caffeine in it or even coffee beans. A great way to start your day. Incredibly aromatic and amazingly tasty.
  • Escentual™ Coconut Fragrance Oil is essentially a perfume that can be applied to most sensitive parts of your body. Use it after bathing for refreshment or combine it with your other perfumes to create a slightly different tonally aroma around yourself.

Testimonials from Users of Starwest Botanicals

Businesses that started as small companies inspire me. I remember a new shiny store with teas and herbs where scents and perfumes mixed together and formed something memorable. I grew up in Sacramento and visited that shop with my mom weekly until we moved to another town. I vividly remember how good tea parties were when we tried something new every day.

Antuan, 52

Good foods, good perfumes, good oils. I like this company a lot just due to the fact that every single product in their catalogue is a high grade tea or a her, or an oil. Everything feels luxurious while looking quite traditional yet never dated. If you want to live longer, you should use products like this. Made with great care and love.

Damon, 32

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