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About Physician's Formula, Inc.

The brand was founded nearly a century ago in 1937. Back then, medicine and science was booming, but rare specialists were willing to dive into a complex problem of preserving beauty. Many ideas stemmed from solutions found by unconventional medics centuries prior. Many tried searching for something new, but failed. Motivation was the key factor. The founder of this company was a man dedicated to his wife and he created series of products to treat her sensitive skin and preserve its beauty. Health products developed based on his advanced research are the core product of this company.

After decades of constant improvements and progress, the brand turned into something glorious. They managed to create a bunch of new exciting solutions for body and hair care. Lotions, shampoos, and conditioners infused with vitamins and other micronutrients help to maintain the health of your body.

Physician's Formula, Inc. Products

The catalogue of this brand is an expansive list of various beauty products. Over the course of its history, this manufacturer released a plethora of cool solutions. There are several pivotal aspects that are emphasized by this great company. It is hard to find a more versatile brand. Just take a glance at their categories:

  • Body care butters and oils.
  • Special solutions for hair.
  • Facial care: cleansers, creams, and lotions.
  • Cosmetics for eyes, eye lashes, and brows.
  • Lip balms, powders, and other cosmetics.

What Physician's Formula, Inc. Products Can You Buy?

Our website features one of the best collections of goods by this brand in the whole internet. If you are searching for an e-Commerce outlet where you can buy products manufactured by Physician’s Formula, our store will be a great choice. We decided to showcase several solutions that may catch your attention:

  1. Butter Bronzer™ is a great product that will make your skin look really amazing. By using a simple brush applicator, you will be able to make your skin look like you just arrived from a SPA.
  2. Youthful Wear™ Liquid Makeup is a great addition to your set of cosmetics. This solution makes your skin feel and look great. With lots of micronutrients and gentle applicator, this preparation makes skin 100% more glossy and silky.
  3. Mineral Powder allows facial skin to breath and keep moisture while hiding various imperfections on the skin. This product is absolutely talc-free and contains a pack of nutrients and protecting components.

Testimonials from Users of Physician's Formula, Inc.

I love all products from this brand. The variety of preparations and their effectiveness are benefits that I enjoy the most. I could not find anything even close to their mineral powder. It is a great solution. You can apply it with a couple of strokes of a brush yet it makes the skin amazingly good looking and makes it feel moist and fresh for the whole day.

Sera, 23

If was looking for something that would hide the paleness of my skin. I feel really insecure about its texture and color. I tried all sorts of artificial tan, but nothing looked good on me. Turns out, I just was approaching this issue from a wrong angle. Butter bronze is a great way to make skin look slightly darker yet more natural at the same time. I highly recommend this preparation to any woman who wants to look a little bit more exotic.

Vivien, 27

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