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About Dragon Herbs

With several decades of experience and history behind their backs, founders of this company are more than qualified for running a successful business based on creating and distributing high quality herbal blends and remedies. The main idea behind the philosophy of this brand is in combining together traditions of oriental medicine and innovations brought to the field of medicine by modern technology. Leading researchers of the company are regular guests at various conventions and forums where the latest developments in both worlds are discussed.

Dragon Herbs is a great manufacturer that has vast facilities where hand labor coexists with modernized heavily automated places. In order to deliver large quantities of product while not ruining traditional approach to treating raw materials, this company tries to balance between the future and the past. Incredibly tasty and aromatic health products and vitamin infused teas are the pride of this brand.

Ancient Dragon Herbs

Traditional oriental medicine covers many areas of health and lifestyle, but you won’t find that many truly effective all-natural blends. Nearly all products from this brand are approved by the community of herbalists solutions. You will be able to choose from several categories of goods:

  1. Super tonics with herbs
  2. Original tea blends and accessories
  3. Specialty formulations
  4. Exclusive blends and exotic remedies
  5. Super foods and ingredients
  6. Coffee and other healthy drinks

What Dragon Herbs Products Can You Buy?

All vitamins, health products, and accessories produced by this company you can easily purchase on our website. We are happy to offer you a wide choice of high quality products by this company and allow you to experience the full range of aromas and effects of oriental medicine. We picked three products that deserve your attention:

  • 8 Immortal Drops. A special herbal formula that includes extracts of Wild Reishi, Cordyceps, Snow Lotus, and He Shou Wu as well as several other herbs and plants. The elixir will help you to prevent aging and slow down oxidation processes in your body.
  • He Shou Wu blend. Rumored to be the best Qi storing flower in the whole East, this plant is definitely the best for fixing your spiritual alter ego. Use this herbal extract.
  • Adaptogen Energizer. This herbal blend is perfect combination of extracts that will boost your spiritual and physical energy.

Testimonials from Users of Dragon Herbs

I’m a big fan of Chinese medicine. I think that China is one of those sacred regions where wise men managed to discover true secrets of nature. They did not find the way to immortality, but they spent centuries searching for it. Herbal teas from Dragon Herbs do make me feel much better every single day.

Alfred, 36

We got such pretty gifts from Dragon Herbs. They have cute transparent teapots and so many colorful aromatic tea blends! If you need something special to for a gift or search for herbal teas that actually make you feel better overall, you must try out something from this shop! I especially loved one of their teas that had not only great health benefits, but also a lovely taste and aroma. I also drink those amazing dragon drops.

Ann, 26

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