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About Nutrex Research Labs

Established in 2002, this company is a huge corporation that operates from a large 80 thousand square feet production and research facility where a group of dedicated athletes, coaches, and scientists constantly work to create new products are highly valued by professionals and enthusiasts of various sports. The main product of the company is their amazing unique solution – a multi-stage super pill that affect the body on multiple levels and releases the full potential of the organism.

After conceiving a whole new class of sport supplements, the company managed to create a big buzz in the market. In 2012, it received a general recognition for its contribution to the industry. By creating new jobs and employing only true enthusiasts, the company grows steadily and regularly surprises the industry with new dietary solutions, vitamin complexes, and health products that push the boundaries of the industry.

Nutrex Research Labs Products

Research-driven and result-oriented, this company is certainly amongst the industry leaders when it comes to creating high quality sport foods and supplements for athletes. Several dozens of products are divided in 4 main product groups:

  1. #ULTRAFIT series is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and people who try to manage their weight by balancing out the diet and using metabolic enhancers.
  2. CLINICAL EDGE series is a special group of supplements and dietary solutions that help the body to recover faster and heal injuries.
  3. BLACK PERFORMANCE series features a multitude of highly impactful supplements and foods that will dramatically improve your raw power, anaerobic stamina, and recovery.
  4. BASIX DIET series is designed for people who are trying to lose or gain weight as quickly as possible with minimal harm to the body.

What Nutrex Research Labs Products Can You Buy?

All of NRP products can be purchased on our website. If you are searching for high quality performance boosting foods and supplements, make sure to check out all products of this brand. We would also like to point you in the direction of three really standing out preparations from this company:

  • OUTRAGE SHOTS. These bottles of pure energy will give you necessary nutrients and micronutrients to fill your body with strength and allow you to work out harder than ever. It is a highly effective pre work-out mix.
  • LIPO-6 STIM-FREE has everything your body needs to improve metabolism and lose weight. At the same time, this blend does not contain any stimulants and unnecessary chemicals that are often used in such preparations.
  • AMINO-CHARGER + HYDRATION has a name that speaks for itself. It is a great mix of micronutrients and stimulants that make your body capable of recovering faster while not losing water which is more than important on keto diets.

Testimonials from Users of Nutrex Research Labs

YES! Nutrex is the company I have been looking for. It is a company that develops some of the finest solutions in the market and has a scientific approach to creating sport foods that are actually effective. I started my acquaintance with the brand from a single purchase of a pre work-out blend. It was amazingly effective. I since have been a loyal customer and purchased all sorts of foods and amino acids from this company.

Josh, 29

I made my way from nearly 300lbs to 220lbs when I started the whole set of BASIX. Before that I was trying my hardest but nothing helped me. Diets were hard to follow without visible results. I did not know what to do. Then, I just switched to BASIX. A couple of weeks in the gym and results were quite vivid.

Terry, 25

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