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About Out of Africa

In 2005, a couple of entrepreneurs met under strange conditions during the 2005 Natural Products EXPO in Anaheim. These two people had different backgrounds and were from two different continents, but they shared a single idea that they must help other people with their cosmetics. Both businessmen were trying to find a partner. One, Victor Lulla, was an owner of a factory in California where fine body care products were manufactured. Another, Gilles Adamon, arrived from Africa where he created a new line of cosmetics made of shea butter.

In 2005, the company Out of Africa started. The production of a joint venture was moved to several facilities. Special soaps and shampoos with shea butter started conquering the world. It is not a simple cosmetic preparation. It is a health product infused with vitamins and other micronutrients that keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Out of Africa Products

There are several product categories that are heavily focused by this company. Started as a relatively small joint venture, this is still a moderate-scale operation with strong emphasis on quality control and traditions. There is only a handful of product groups that come to you out of Africa:

  1. Washes and soaps for your body.
  2. High quality gentle oils and lotions for body care.
  3. Special lotions and creams for your hands and feet.
  4. Special sets of products.
  5. Shea butter lip balms.
  6. Shea products for moms and babies.

What Out of Africa Products Can You Buy?

On our website you can easily purchase all products from this company. If you are interested in amazing moisturizing qualities of shea, you should be more than intrigued by what this brand has to offer. Made of butter extracted from shea nuts, these products will make your skin stronger and healthier:

  • Shea Butter Lip Balm will make your lips so soft that you will forget about wind and cold. This is a great protection for the gentle skin of your lips.
  • Shea baby Bubble Bath. One of the best properties of the butter is that it moisturizes the skin and makes it softer while providing and unprecedented level of protection. Toddlers require additional protection and you will give it to them by simply bathing in bubbly bath.
  • Butter Soap comes in multiple flavors and makes every single bathing enjoyable and refreshing. This is an all-natural and organic soap that has from little to no artificial additives and provides incredible moisturizing.

Testimonials from Users of Out of Africa

It is hard to believe that a single tree can produce something as powerful as shea nuts. I felt in love with all products made of this amazing butter. Skin feels incredibly gentle and soft after bathing. I loved it since the first moment the soap touched my skin. It was an amazing moment. I would love to have a shampoo with same properties.

Malika, 41

When I first heard about this shea butter, I was not convinced. However, I decided to give it a try. This was one of those correct decisions that slightly change your way of living and even your perception of life. Soaps and lotions from this brand are amazing and they make my hands so much softer. I love it.

Luisa, 26

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