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About Paradise Herbs

Tis family owned and operated enterprise was founded in 1994. All family members involved with the brand are herbalists and enthusiasts of healthy lifestyle. The main goal of the company is to manufacture vitamin complexes, minerals, and other health products. The brand is driven by the scientific research and desire to innovate. At the same time, only organically grown natural ingredients are used to create high quality herbal remedies and other health products from this brand.

All trademarks of this company are protected by law and all remedies are approved by NSF and certified according to US regulations. This is a company that wants to operate as openly as possible and values transparency and honesty above all else.

Paradise Herbs Products

There is nothing harder than showcasing every single product from company in a single list. The variety of remedies and supplements from this manufacturer is quite dazzling. Just take a close look at an incomplete list of product groups that are produced and distributed by Paradise Herbs:

  1. Special blends that support various body systems.
  2. Vitamin complexes and minerals.
  3. Remedies for bones and joints.
  4. Herbal extracts and blends.
  5. CoQ10 and collagens.

What Paradise Herbs Products Can You Buy?

If you liked any of the products from this company, you can surely find them on our website where we feature some of the finest health products in the industry. There is a grand total of 81 products produced by the brand, but we want to introduce you to several best sellers:

  • Amla, Organic is a Ayurveda inspired remedy that will boost your metabolism and help the organism to fight off colds and flus. Fully natural and made of vitamin infused herbs, this remedy is definitely the one deserving attention.
  • Green Coffee Bean with Svetol® is a great aid to people who desperately want to lose weight. It has a scientifically proven slimming effect and helps to manage weight as efficiently as possible.
  • Maca Up™ is a great source of amino acids and proteins that help your body to heal quicker and recover after hard work-outs. At the same time, it affects your gut positively reducing gases and improving the work of the digestive system.

Testimonials from Users of Paradise Herbs

Finding something truly useful in the ocean of health products is quite hard, but I like smaller family owned businesses that actually have something to offer. I’m an avid fan of Ayurveda. I do not study this area or go deep into details, but I heard many good things about it and tried a couple of medications to various levels of success. Some products of Paradise Herbs are inspired by Ayurveda ideas and I’m happy to try them out.

Sally, 35

What I like about their green coffee extract is that it is decaffeinated but still provides its slimming effect. I tried this preparation and it helped to drop a couple of pounds. I’m planning to go through a detox routine and then try this extract once again when I start my keto diet. Hopefully, this will help me to get back in shape.

Sandy, 28

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