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About Nature’s Plus

The history of the brand can be traced back to 1970s when Gerald Kessler decided to create a new company that would create a new generation of herbal remedies and food supplements that can change the way we live. There are over 1200 health products and vitamin supplements that are manufactured on multiple facilities of the brand. Dozens of new preparations are being researched in several top notch R&D labs as you read. This is a huge enterprise that does not rely on other companies and 3rd party distributors.

The original facility was founded to push the idea of healing the root of the problem instead of trying to fight off its symptoms. With his determination to be amongst the best in the market, the founder focused on creating dietary solutions that could improve the general health of his customers. The company is huge enterprise with thousands om employees mostly due to the endless enthusiasm of its founder who died us in 2015 and left behind his legacy.

Nature’s Plus Products

With over a thousand of various products that all passed NSF and FDA inspections, this company has one of the most expansive catalogues in the market. If you are searching for something really interesting and useful, you will love working with this company. Check out an incomplete list of product groups manufactured by this brand:

  1. Personal care solutions.
  2. Proteins and isolated proteins.
  3. Letter vitamins and multivitamin complexes.
  4. Specialty remedies with and without minerals.
  5. Herbal remedies for various health issues.
  6. Weight management solutions.
  7. Cleansing, detox, and fiber.

What Nature’s Plus Products Can You Buy?

All products from this brand can be purchased on our website. We are happy to offer you a wide choice of goods produced by one of the industry leaders. While we consider all of their products to be amongst the best in the market, we picked several that could be really interesting to you:

  • Chai Latte SPIRU-TEIN Shake is a great source of multiple macronutrients. This is a calorie-dense mix that will be more than enough to start your day from a good note. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and porridges in the morning, take a look at this wholesome food.
  • Animal Parade® Fruit & Veggies 5 Children's Nutritional Shake is a great tool for parents who simply don’t know how to force their children to eat their greens and veggies. This is a tasty flavorful shake that will become a new favorite meal for your kids.
  • Animal Parade® KidGreenz®Children's Chewables. This is yet another great product from the Animal Parade product line. If you are searching for a healthy treat for your children, this is the best choice for you!

Testimonials from Users of Nature’s Plus

There is little doubt that this company is one of the best and certainly one of the oldest in the market. They have several different brands that all offer something interesting in terms of healthy living. I like the fact that they have a whole separate division working on supplements for children. Their Animal Parade is a great thing for kids.

Sarah, 34

My wife and I are both enthusiasts of fitness and healthy eating. Our rations are usually calculated to the last ounce! This means that we are constantly searching for new interesting wholesome foods. SPIRU-TEIN is a great brand that has a multitude of healthy shakes and macronutrients.

Jeff, 27

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