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About Alba Botanica

The brand exists for a long time and was established in 1979 by a team of enthusiasts who wanted to create a new approach to the whole research & development process. The firm did not pretend to be a game changer for the whole industry and tried to implement simple solutions to make both the development and manufacturing as simple and effective as possible. This company is certainly amongst the most interesting in the market right now.

If you consider yourself a fan of healthy lifestyle and want to use vitamin complexes and food supplements created by Nature itself, consider using products of this brand. Great herbal extracts and body care solutions by Alba Botanica will certainly help you to improve your health and general wellbeing. The company also donates to charity and participates in programs that protect animals from the intrusion of various industries.

Alba Botanica Products

Some products of this company are more than just popular amongst our users. Due to its heavy focus on creating preparations using only high quality extracts and oils from plants and fruits coming from all over the world, this company manages to deliver a plethora of goods from several important categories:

  1. Face skin care products
  2. Protect your body with oils, sprays, and gels
  3. Amazing balsams and shampoos for hair care
  4. A great selection of shields against sunlight

What Alba Botanica Products Can You Buy?

If you care about your body, you should definitely buy all products from this company on our website. There are several very good award winning solutions in the catalogue of the brand, but we suggest you to look at these selected trademarks from Alba Botanica:

  • ACNEDOTE™. This is a simple and convenient solution against acne and black dots on your face. If you don’t like daily procedures and would like to instead use an easy-to-use towelette to solve the issue, consider this product. A pack of moisturized napkins will gently remove fats and dust from your skin allowing for better hygiene and quicker removal of acne.
  • CLEAR ENZYME DEODORANT STICK. If you need a high end deodorant that will not only get rid of smell and excess sweating, purchasing this stick with concentrated extract of aloe vera will definitely be a wise choice.
  • SENSITIVE MINERAL SUNSCREEN. A light body spray developed specifically for people with delicate skin will be a life-saving preparations during sunny summer days and an irreplaceable skin care preparation in your bag.

Testimonials from Users of Alba Botanica

My children both have very sensitive skin and during summer they always receive burns that are hard to treat afterwards. Thanks to the spray for children, shielding them from the sun is easy. I just spray some on their shoulders and faces, rub it in, and let them play outside for as long as they want. Renewing the protective layer is also not a chore.

Jennifer, 42

I love my hair and want them to be protected and healthy for as long as possible. I tried different brands, but this one works for me. Every single shampoo works differently for me, so products of Alba B may not work for everyone, but I definitely noticed an improvement.

Helen, 28

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