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About Method

When two true enthusiast decide to change the world and put a lot of effort into their dreams, something really great is bound to happen. Method is a brand conceived by two people: a designer who thought that the whole industry of cleaning products is not living up to par with modern standards and a health enthusiast who wanted to create a brand new line of cleaning solutions that would be environment-friendly and harmless to humanity. When these two ideas about the way we should live collided, this brand appeared from seemingly nowhere.

Method does not sell you medications, vitamin supplements or health products. Instead, it focuses on creating hypoallergenic efficient cleaning gels and sprays that can help us all to live healthier lives and improve our general wellbeing through making the environment cleaner. Constant innovations, impeccable quality control, strong focus on design, and interesting versatile solutions – these are defining characteristics of the brand.

Method Products

One of the most famous companies in the market, this brand has been developing a really cohesive catalogue with all products adding something to the overall bigger picture. From effective cleaning creams and powders for your bathroom to personal care preparations that will help you to avoid itching and minor damage to skin. Check out the list of product groups produced by this enterprise:

  1. Various preparations for hand care.
  2. Washes, shower gels, and other cool products for your body.
  3. High quality effective mixes for laundry.
  4. Washing liquids for dish
  5. Other products that help you to take care of your home.

What Method Products Can You Buy?

If Method produces something, you can surely find it on our website. We have all products of this brand in our catalogue all showcased next to more than just attractive price tags. If you are interested in making your life cleaner, check out these products from Method®:

  • All-purpose Cleaners with spraying heads will be helpful if you don’t want to turn your house into a place of endless labor. Use a single cleaning solution for your bath, floors, and windows. Enjoy high quality results.
  • Laundry detergent packs. These products come in 3 flavors and make all your clothes softer and cleaner. This is a very simple and convenient solution that will make your life that much easier.
  • Seasonal collections. Spring. This is something that was created specifically for people who want a new trendy product each season. This spring collection is a fresher set of great aromas and gentle body care solutions.

Testimonials from Users of Method

Method is definitely an original way of looking at things. I, for one, did not even think about which products I use at home for cleaning. I thought that there is no difference. However, Method taught me to use only safe and environmentally friendly products. I don’t want those nasty chemicals close to my children and will take Method over any other overadvertised cleaner.

Megan, 27

There is nothing more convenient and easy-to-use for a man rather than a complex of solutions from Method. I’m a single man. I live in a busy city and could kill for a free hour of my life. Laundry, cleaning, even doing dishes are all time sinks for me. I prefer Method because their products are effective and can be used in a convenient way.

Malik, 33

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