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About KAL Innovation

KAL was established in 1932 in sunny California. Ever since its foundation, the brand was focused on creating high quality health products and solutions for people that wanted to use remedies and preparations made of organically grown ingredients.   There is no better to connect with nature rather than use what it gives to us. The initial range of products was simply a traditional collection of pills and capsules that were not really that interesting to a quickly evolving customer audience.

KAL has matured and changed into a much more advanced manufacturer over the course of the last decade and introduced to the market a wide variety of more interesting form factors for their remedies including hugely popular chewable pills and liquids. With constant innovations and lots of newly implemented measures of quality control, this brand is still amongst most popular well-established enterprises.

KAL Products

The variety of products produced by this company is quite impressive with many trademarks having a lot of fans all over the western world. People who want to use only high quality health products will be more than impressed with the range and diversity of remedies offered KAL. With over 500 items in their catalogue, this brand is surely amongst the most interesting in the market. They produce:

  1. Liquefied preparations and remedies.
  2. Convenient chewable pills and gummies.
  3. High quality all-natural herbal remedies.
  4. Vitamin supplements.
  5. Micro and macro nutrients.
  6. Sport foods and supplements.
  7. Specialty preparations.

What KAL Products Can You Buy?

We have the whole range of KAL products on our website. If you are interested in purchasing goods from this company, checking out store is the wisest choice. We will be more than happy to see amongst our clients interested in top notch remedies and supplements from KAL. Check out their great solutions:

  • KAL Enhanced Energy is a vitamin infused complex with minerals and metals that help your body to keep healthy and energized at all times. If you want to be healthy and full of strength, choosing this remedy is the way to go.
  • KAL D-3 1000 IU is a highly impactful vitamin complex that will definitely improve your overall wellbeing. If you need a good source of micronutrients in your diet, you will be happy to introduce yourself to this preparation.
  • KAL 100% Tea Tree Oil is a perfect combination of both omega-3 and omega-6 acids. It is a balanced complex of essential microelements that will affect your body in a positive way.

Testimonials from Users of KAL

This brand exists for nearly a century. My whole family is from California and we have been living here for a long time. All my relatives use products of this brand. I honestly don’t know anyone healthier than my uncle and he is the most zealous user of essential oils and vitamins from KAL.

Anthony, 35

KAL has some really interesting exclusive products that you will unlikely find anywhere else. I like that they offer a wide variety of supplements and health products in different forms. I purchase gummies for my kids and use liquids when I need something for myself.

Stana, 28

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