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About Flora

Flora started in 1965 as a family business by a true enthusiast of herbalism and an eager student of local traditions. Focused on using the riches of nature, the initial idea of the business was to create a distribution hub for both local and foreign herbalists. Various herbal remedies, health products, and vitamin infused teas were coming to America from Europe, but slowly, the main emphasis of the brand shifted from European preparations towards natively grown and treated plants.

Over the course of decades, the brand was developing its legacy. In 1980s, the company opened several production facilities in Lynden, Washington. A new trademark was registered and introduced to the market just 4 years later. Organically grown and treated with great care, products of this company are the best for those who enjoy high quality products.

Flora Products

The company has been amongst the leaders when it comes to manufacturing and distributing herbal remedies in the US. Several key categories of products from the brand should be mentioned:

  1. Solutions for detox & Cleansing
  2. Wholesome natural foods
  3. Essential omega-3 oils
  4. Personal care solutions
  5. Gut and the immune system aid: probiotics & enzymes
  6. Foods for sportsmen
  7. Food supplements
  8. Special complexes with vitamins & minerals

High quality products from Flora will undeniably help you to live healthier and enjoy high quality products that will improve your general wellbeing and mood. The catalogue of the company is one of the most expansive amongst herbal remedies manufacturers.

 What Flora Products Can You Buy?

We will be happy to offer you a rich choice of products on our website. We have a truly impressive collection of goods from this company that has been around for over 50 years. If you are searching for high quality foods, supplements, and herbal preparations, choosing Flora is a wise decision. Here are some of premium quality products showcased by our experts:

  • MULTI VITS. This is a complex that has no added iron which is a good idea for a multivitamin and mineral complex. A human body usually receives enough iron throughout the day.
  • Flor-Essence® 7-Day Purification System will help you to get rid of toxins in your body and significantly improve the condition of your gut within a single week. A complex solution for busy people.
  • Beyond Greens® is a product packed with fiber, essential carbohydrates, and high quality micronutrients. This is a pack of treated dried plants that you can find in your backyard, but it was carefully collected and prepared with attention to details so that sportsmen and health enthusiasts could appreciate it.
  • Baobites® come in big packages featuring a bunch of small treats packed with vitamins, minerals, and all-natural ingredients. If you want to have healthy snacks within your reach at all times, take a closer look at this trademark.

Testimonials from Users of Flora

Flora is amazing. It is a brand with traditions and this something that I can surely respect and stand behind. Herbs used in their products are all locally grown and have truly amazing qualities that make you healthier.

Adam, 32

I love the 7-day detox program package. It has everything I need with a detailed instruction and prepacked portions of preparations. It is a simple and convenient detox pack that I loved from the first try. If you don’t have much time for cosmetic and SPA procedures, you can still stay clean inside with this amazing product.

Mary, 28

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