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About Heritage Store

Inspired by the legacy of Edgar Cayse himself, this brand offers a wide variety of medications and remedies based on the ideas pushed by that amazing individual whose life story is one of discovery and self-search. Heritage Store is not simply a club of Cayse’s supporters but a huge enterprise that invests heavily in research and development. They try to create something new and amazing on a regular basis and introduce exciting products to the market.

Vitamin infused herbal remedies, health products from several groups, and incredibly popular soaps and creams – all of that is produced by artisans and specialists that want to preserve the legacy left to us by our ancestors who studied herbalism and folklore. All sorts of health products for your body and hair and all of them are made of organically grown herbs and plants.

Heritage Store Products

While the technology behind every single product is not something edge cutting, there are several groups of products that work even better if they are manufactured with old school methods. Some herbs and plants require delicate handling and very careful treatment in order to transform into a healing remedy. There are several main product categories that are emphasized by Heritage Store:

  • Creams, lotions, and balms for skin care
  • Shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and many other solutions for hair care
  • Heritage line of essential oils
  • Flower waters
  • Aromatherapy

What Heritage Store Products Can You Buy?

All of the products produced by this brand can be purchased on our website. We are proud to present some of the best products Heritage Store. We showcase a wide selection flower waters and herbal remedies. If you are interested, check out their exclusive products:

  1. Hot Springs Sulfur Artisan Soap comes from hot springs with lots of minerals and metals. This is a great source of water for soap making. If you need a healthy option for bathing, this is definitely something you should consider.
  2. Slippery Elm Bark Tea. Powdered inner bark of this tree is a perfect source of various micronutrients and energy. This is a perfect aromatic hot drink that will warm you during cold winter evenings.
  3. Colloidal Silver Salve. This is a great addition to your pile of cosmetics. The results of colloidal silver are notable within days and makes you skin stronger with a very soothing healing effect.

Testimonials from Users of Heritage Store

Great all-natural cosmetics for people who are searching for exclusive goods. I don’t think that this brand is the best, but I have never seen so many choices of soaps infused with metals and minerals. Nutrition of the skin is just as important as nutrition of your organs. Another interesting thing is that the variety of flower waters is so rich.

Bethany, 39

If you are looking for high quality cosmetics, you will find some of the best and most aromatic skin care and hair care solutions here at! I used several products from Heritage Store and all of them were okay. I can’t say that I was impressed, but the effect was evident and the order was quite small. I loved the elm bark tea it had a very deep dense aroma that I loved!

Marisa, 28

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