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About EcoTools

When women create for women, the result is a product that can be truly appreciated by the gorgeous half of humanity. This brand was founded in 2009 by two enthusiastic women who wanted to make an exciting beauty tool that would be made of environment friendly raw materials. Recycled bamboo and cotton are used to make brushes and other tools that are offered by EcoTools. With a tight focus on design and usability testing, this company tries to make women all over the world more beautiful. Since 2016, the company went international.

They don’t produce health products and vitamin supplements, but their produce does help women to feel gorgeous both on the outside and inside. If you are searching for stylish, exclusive, and environment friendly tools to take care of your body, you will fall in love with this enterprise. To top it all off, the brand is supporting the feminist movement and emphasizes the importance of empowering women.

EcoTools Products

The brand focuses primarily on various tools for body care. If you need brushes, high end sponges for shower, skin cleansers, and gloves for bath, you will find yourself in a paradise where every single beauty tool is a perfect beautification instrument. There are several categories of products manufactured by this company:

  1. Brushes and accessories for make-up
  2. Bath and spa solutions
  3. Brushes for hair and styling
  4. Skin care tools

What EcoTools Products Can You Buy?

You can purchase all products of this brand on our website. Enjoy high quality products from a brand that wants to keep Nature protected and use only those raw materials that were produced without harming our environment. Every single item in the catalogue of EcoTools looks impressive, but we want to focus your attention on the following:

  • Charcoal Body Konjac. Made of bamboo charcoal, this tool will help you to peel of old skin and soften calluses. A very simple yet elegant solution made of an antiseptic material without cutting down a single tree.
  • Smoothing Detangler Hair Brush. Made of bamboo and cotton fiber, these brushes are high quality products that help women all over the world to take care of their messy hair in the morning.
  • Kissable Lip & Cheek Kit. This amazing set of brushes will help you to look stylish every day. Made with gentle cotton and bamboo and wildly colored with touches of bright pink, this set has a lip exfoliator, foundation brush, precision lip, lip smudge, and “love in bloom” wide brush.

Testimonials from Users of EcoTools

My darling wife was so excited when I brought her that pink brush. It looks quite pretty and neat – just what I was looking for my spouse. Guys, if you want to get your lady something truly interesting yet inexpensive, you simply must take a look at the stuff at EcoTools. Your one and only will be more than happy to have one of their sets.

Mike, 28

Some of these brushes are really cool and allow me to create artistic makeup. I love the fact that these amazing tools are made of organic cotton and bamboo without hurting animals and trees. Despite being relatively cheap, these brushes are definitely amongst the best in the market. I used them to create a couple of YouTube tutorials for my friends and brushes were really comfortable to grip and use for precise movements!

Lana, 19

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