Lucky Fiji Power Sheets Laundry Detergent Sheet

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LG Household & Health Care, Lucky Fiji Power Sheets, Laundry Detergent Sheet, 45 Loads/Sheets

  • 100% Water-Soluble
  • Light
  • Easy
  • Convinient
  • For All Machines h•e

No Residue!

Completely dissolves in cold water!

No detergent remains behind!

Neat by No Spilling!

Use the right dose without spilling

Clean laundry room

Lemon & Lavender Scent!

Delicate & longlasting scent

Containing Natural Aroma oil

Perfect Wash!

Clean with a single sheet

Wash off stubborn stains with special enzymes originated from plants

Sheet Vs. Liquid

45 Sheets = 3L Liquid (45 Does of Lucky Fiji sheets Vs. 3 Liter liquid detergent)

Based on products of LG H&H

Suggested Use

Dosing Directions

Works in all machines
Small Laundry (3 kg)
1/2 sheet
Regular Laundry (7 kg)
1 sheet
Large Laundry (10 kg)
1+1/2 sheet

How To Use

  1. Add required amount of Lucky Fiji sheet into the machine. (Do not insert the sheet into the detergent loading tray or drawer)
  2. Add laundry and turn on any cycle in any temperature.

*For sport cleans, wet the sheet and sticking on to the stained part.

*Place Lucky Fiji sheet first into the washing machine before adding the laundry.

Other Ingredients

Contains nonionic and anionic surfactants, polyvinyl alcohol (polymer), and enzymes.



  1. Only use as Laundry detergent, strictly following the direction and cautions for use.
  2. Do not put this sheet into the detergent drawer of washing machine as it may block it.
  3. For front loading machines the sheet may stick to the door and not dissolve. Avoid problem by place the sheet deep inside of the machine.
  4. Keep the zipper and cap sealed after use.
  5. Keep the box dry.
  6. Do not use as tissue, this product is not tissue.
  7. Keep sheets out of reach of children.
  8. If swallowed, make sure to vomit and consult a doctor.
  9. Direct touch of detergent on garments with bad printing quality, may cause discoloration or dyeing.
  10. Do not wash with water containing metal components such as rust to prevent damage to garments.
  11. Check washing instructions on garments and availability of wash in water before laundry.
  12. Do not leave cloth and detergent sheet together in a washing machine for a long time.
  13. A long contact with garment may cause stain or discoloration. In case ok soaking, soaking time must not exceed 30 minutes.

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Shipping Weight

1.54 lbs

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Package Quantity

45 Loads/Sheet


9.3 x 8.3 x 2.8 in, 0.95 lbs

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LG Household & Health Care, Lucky Fiji Power Sheets, Laundry Detergent Sheet, 45 Loads/Sheets
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